Some times we push the blame to the online casino such as at , when in essence, we are the root of the problem. Here is a compilation of reasons as to why you might be losing at your online casino each time you play.


Is Your Online Casino Legit?

Is your online casino registered by a licensed regulatory body? If not, then the casino might be taking you for a ride. All online casinos are required by international law to hold operating licenses. The casinos must be licensed by regulatory bodies known in the gambling industry.

  1. UK Gambling Authority
  2. Malta Gaming Authority

What do the international regulatory bodies do? They carry out inspection of the casino games at your online casino to ensure they meet the international standards. Furthermore, they offer a certificate of approval in case the casino games are fair in terms of winnings.

Do You Have a Strategy?

Most times, you could blame the online casino of being rigged, but maybe it could be due to lack of a strategy. You need a working strategy on how to approach a certain casino game to make a winning and beat the house.

Casino games such as online blackjack require a high level of strategy in order to beat the house. However, casino games such as online slots largely depend on your luck when spinning the reels to make a winning pattern from the online casino.

Did You Use Bonuses?

You could be losing your own money, when you have the chance to play with free money offered by the casino. Why put your own money on the line, when you could be using free cash given to you by the online casino?

Casino bonuses come in many forms ranging from sign-up bonuses, matched deposits to free chips to the player. Therefore, you could stand a chance to win a lot of money from the casino without actually using your own bankroll from the online casino.

Did You Read the Terms and Conditions?

Let's say you have use the bonuses offered by the casino to pull off your wins. A surprise awaits you by the casino. You need to have a certain amount in your account in order to withdraw. This is an example of a wagering requirement.

  • High wagering requirements limits players
  • Fetches low cash values

Wagering requirements refers to the set of conditions that a player must meet in order to proceed to withdraw their proceedings from the bonuses. Before subscribing to a bonus, ensure you read through the terms and conditions that come subscribed by the online casino.

Did You Understand the Game?

Most players are quick to select a particular casino game without actually taking time to understand the game. What this means is that you are playing a completely new game without awareness on the set of rules. You end up losing because you did not follow a certain step.

Understanding the game also calls for proper knowledge of how to place the bets. In case you are having a winning streak at the casino, you can choose to increase your bet sizes. However, if you are losing out, it is wise to reduce the bet sizes.

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